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a multiversal survival/horror game

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T H E T O W N O F W E D N E S B U R G H;

Not a lot is known about the town of Wednesburgh. It was once a small, prosperous city that fell under some rough times when its ports were closed. No one really knows the reasons why they were closed down and the government won’t release any information on the former glorious city nor will they allow any access into it. It is a sealed off landmark with many fearsome rumors surrounding it. However, no one has really paid it much mind. At least, not until they wake up in the old little town without a way to escape... [Read more about the game's premise here.]

Wednesburgh is a text-based multiversal survival/horror RPG. Any character from any fandom (video games, books, movies, television, etc) is welcome to come and role play! If you're interested, please read the write-ups and rules located in the quick links section. [If you're ready to join, fill out the application!]

[Q U I C K L I N K S; Premise | Character List | Invocation List | Rules | Application | Moderators | wednesburghooc]